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Digital Standards Playbook

The Digital Standards Playbook provides guidance to Government of Canada employees who design and deliver digital services.



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We want to show how to apply the Digital Standards by using them to improve the Playbook to make it more useful for public servants.

About the Digital Standards

The Digital Standards are a set of 10 principles that helps the Government of Canada build user-centric services for people, businesses and communities. They guide teams through designing digital services in a way that best serves Canadians.

The Digital Standards Playbook was developed to help and empower public servants to define what good services look like in Canada. The Playbook also provides practical guidance and tools to deliver services that are easy-to-use, inclusive, effective and secure.

Help improve the Playbook

We’re keeping the 10 principles from the previous Playbook, but we’ll improve and expand on the guidance based on feedback from you!

Take our quick survey to help us understand user awareness of the Digital Standards and gather some initial feedback on the proposed content for the Playbook.

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Interested in seeing the full Playbook or want to share your thoughts? Email us at

The Playbook will continue to evolve to better meet your needs. Expect to see updates here as we refine the content.

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