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My Service Canada Account dashboard

The dashboard is the new home page in the My Service Canada Account (MSCA). With one click, you can view, manage, or start an application for Service Canada benefits.



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We're making improvements that will help you access information about your government benefits and services more quickly and easily.

About the dashboard

The new dashboard is ready for you to try on My Service Canada Account. It will provide you with all your Service Canada payments, benefits and services in one central space for easy access. You'll be able to perform common actions such as starting an application, viewing your updates, submitting information or getting help.

The dashboard will make it simple and easy to:

  • find the information you are looking for
  • start and complete what you came to do
  • view and manage your personal information for all benefits in one place
  • find contact information if you require help
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Overview of features

My dashboard page from My Service Canada Account

Information is clearly presented

On the dashboard, you will find:

  • all your benefits on the same page
  • a menu to access your personal information and security settings
Text version of the image My dashboard

The dashboard page includes:

  • a heading with:
    • the name of the site: My Service Canada Account
    • an “Account” menu
  • benefits, such as:
    • Employment Insurance, with a link to applications, payments and claims, taxes, reports and documents, personal information
    • Canada Pension Plan, with a link to applications, payments, taxes, documents, provisions, personal information
Partial image of the Employment Insurance section of the dashboard

Actions are easy to find and to complete

For each benefit, you will find:

  • all the actions you can complete in the My Service Canada Account
  • actions organized by category to help you find what you are looking for
Text version of the image Employment Insurance

The Employment Insurance section includes:

  • a link “Applications, payments and claims, taxes, reports and documents, personal information” to show a list of actions
  • actions organized by category, such as:
    • Most requested
      • View my status updates
      • View my payments
    • Applications
      • View my status updates
      • Apply for Employment Insurance
    • Payments and claims
      • View my payments
      • View my latest claim
      • View my past claims
    • Reports and documents
Partial image of the Profile page

Your information can be viewed and updated in one place

On the profile page, you will be able to view and update your:

  • address
  • telephone number
  • banking information for direct deposit
  • language of correspondence
  • consent to communicate on your behalf
  • preferences for email notifications (Alert me)
Text version of the image Profile

The Profile page provides access to personal information for each benefit program.

  • Employment Insurance:
    • Address and telephone number
    • Province of residence
    • Direct deposit details
    • Language of correspondence
    • Email notifications (Alert me)
  • Canada Pension Plan
Partial image of the Contact Employment Insurance page

Contact information is easy to find

On the contact us pages, you will find how to reach us:

  • by telephone
  • via callback
  • in person
  • by mail
Text version of the image Contact Employment Insurance

The Contact Employment Insurance page includes elements such as:

  • links to navigate to the information on the page:
    • Telephone
    • Callback
    • In person at a Service Canada Centre
    • Mail
  • a “Telephone” section with instructions and coordinates: Call us to speak to an Employment Insurance representative for help during the hours of operation listed below
  • telephone numbers: 1-800-206-7218 (toll-free), 1-800-529-3742 (TTY)

Help design the dashboard

We will continue to make improvements to the dashboard and My Service Canada Account. Our goal is to make it easier to understand your government benefits and apply for them. To create a tool that meets your needs, we would like your input.

Do you find these features helpful? Would you like to see other ones? Email us at

This email address is to give your feedback on the My Service Canada Account Dashboard. If you need help with your government benefits, contact 1 800 O-Canada. You will not receive a response if your email is about your benefits.

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