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You cannot apply for services or benefits through this test site. Parts of this site may not work and will change.

Service Canada Labs

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Welcome to the virtual Service Canada Labs. We invite you to explore works in progress and test experimental ideas with our team working in the Government of Canada. We need your participation, across all communities, to create inclusive services that meet the needs of all Canadians. How you can help:

  • Try out current projects
  • Give anonymous feedback on projects when you try them out
  • Sign up to get notified and participate in upcoming research sessions with our team

You can try out the projects and give anonymous feedback without signing up to be a participant. If you want to be more involved, you can fill out our participant form to be invited to research sessions.

The services you’ll find here are still in their early stages and are not finished yet, but we’re inviting you to help us test and improve them as we go. We might stop working on some ideas if we learn they are not adding value and not meeting people’s needs.