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You cannot apply for services or benefits through this test site. Parts of this site may not work and will change.

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Upcoming projects provide some initial information about our new ideas, so that you can see what we’re working on. Current projects are interactive, so that you can explore and test them out. You will soon be able to provide anonymous feedback on current projects. You can sign up to get invited to research sessions.

You cannot apply for services or benefits through this test site.

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  • Data Patterns LibraryCurrent projects

    Data patterns show how we collect and use data to deliver services so you can choose what information you want to share with us. The Data Patterns Library contains the reusable design patterns and components (building blocks for services) we use to make that happen.

  • Service Canada Digital Centre OverviewUpcoming projects

    Our service will allow you to discover and manage your benefits. You will be able to use it while you are logged in or not. By sharing your preferences with our staff, you will only need to tell us who you are and what you need once.

  • Having a ChildCurrent projects

    Major life events like having a baby can be complicated because there are so many things to know. Our service supports you by connecting you to guidance to help you make the right decision for you. Come explore this early version of our New Child Journey Information Service.

  • Virtual AssistantCurrent projects

    The Service Canada Virtual Assistant is a conversational chatbot. It is designed to help you overcome common obstacles you may face when applying for a benefit.